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  • Modco designs and manufacturers a variety of Voltage Controlled Oscillators.

    Featured Voltage Controlled Oscillator Products



    Modco offers a broad line of TO8 package VCO’s . Octave band designs are available such as the LV158TO8 which tunes 1000-2000MHz and the LV157TO8 which tunes 500-1000MHz. Low cost custom designs are available to support spares requirements needed for existing Aerospace and Defense systems.


    Modco VCO’s for P25 and TETRA handheld, mobile and base station radios.

    When optimum performance is required for critical applications Modco offers proven designs. Here is a sampling;

    Models are available with Modulation Ports and low profile packages, priced from $9.95 USD.

    New Products

    Recent Additions to the Modco VCO Line Up.

    Voltage Controlled Oscillators

    LVC Series VCO’s: Ideal for battery powered wireless applications. They require only 1.5V bias and draw just 5mA. The package size 0.175 inch square and height of 0.075 inch.

    MX Series VCO’s: Very Low Phase Noise VCO's with the added functionality of a modulation port for increased design flexibility and reduced part count. Modulation sensitivity is typically a negative slope of 20kHz to 40kHz.

    MCS Series VCO’s: The worlds smallest CRO. Lowest Phase Noise VCO’s in a 0.3 inch square package

    MCR Series VCO’s:Provides the ultimate in low Phase Noise performance. CRO designs available for frequencies from 825MHz to 7820MHz. Industry standard 0.5 inch square package. Low profile 0.125 inch height are available on select models.

    MD Series VCO’s: Very low Phase Noise low profile Strip-line design in 0.5 inch square package. Designs available from 100MHz to 2490MHz.

    MF Series VCO’s: Very low Phase Noise Micro-strip line design offered in a variety of packages. Incorporates an internal buffer amplifier. 

    Hermetically Sealed VCO’s: Very low Phase Noise with internal buffer amplifier.High reliability military/aerospace grade TO8 and SMT VCO's.

    FL Series VCO: Worlds smallest VCO  in a 0.175 inch package. Available up to 12GHz. 

    Legacy and special use VCO's: Various models, frequencies, and package styles. Some models may no longer be available.

    Modco VCO's are available in many package styles. Custom designs are available without NRE



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