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Design & Manufacturing of VCOs since 1992 in the USA

Modco, Inc. designs and manufactures high quality voltage controlled oscillators for commercial, industrial, medical, and military applications. VCO's optimized for phase locked loop ( PLL ) applications are available. Frequencies from 10 MHz up to 12 GHz available in a wide selection of surface mount, TO8, connectorized, hermetic, and custom packages. Custom designs are offered with no NRE charges.

Connectorized & Test Fixtures

Hermetic Military Grade

Surface Mount

Modco offers application targeted models as well as standard general purpose VCO'S. Applications include but are not
limited to WLAN, PCMCIA, PCS, Portable Radios, VSAT, Instrumentation, CATV, Up / Down Converters, Frequency
Multipliers, Modems, Cellular Telecommunications, Industry / Science / Medical (ISM), wireless Utility Meters, Local
Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS), CDMA, GSM, ECM, plus VCO's for P25 and TETRA handheld, mobile and base station radios.

Custom designs are our specialty

New Products

Recent Additions to the Modco VCO Line Up


Modco model CM1100-1480SMT2 tunes 1100-1480MHz with a tuning voltage within 0.5-19 V. This RoHs compliant VCO operates from a VCC 0f 15v at 28ma and outputs +12 dBm of power. The package size is 0.45 inch square and height is 0.170 inch. Custom designs in this or any Modco package are available with no NRE costs. Designed, manufactured and tested in Sparks, Nevada USA.


Modco's CM610-1120SMT2 VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator) tunes 610 to 1120 MHz with a control voltage range within 0.5 V to 19 V. Output power is +13 dBm typ with an input voltage of 15 V at 18 ma current. The oscillator features excellent linearity. Harmonic rejection is typically -25 dBc. Size is a 0.45x0.45x0.170 inch surface mount hermetic package.


Model MF902-928MMS tunes 902 to 928 MHz and operates from a voltage of 3.3 volts at 13 ma. Ideal for phase locked loop designs with features including an internal buffer amp offering low frequency load pulling while outputting 5.8 dBm power. Phase noise is -110 dBc/Hz at 10KHZ offset and the package size is only 0.25x0.25x0.09 inches.

Voltage Controlled Oscillators Series