Custom designs are our specialty!


Modco was founded in 1992 and is incorporated in the State of Nevada. Unlike others, the focus at Modco is devoted
solely to design and manufacture of Voltage Controlled Oscillators. All of our products are designed, manufactured
and tested at our Sparks, NV facility.

Modco offers application targeted models as well as standard general purpose VCO'S. Applications include but are not limited to WLAN, PCMCIA, PCS, Portable Radios, VSAT, Instrumentation, CATV, Up / Down Converters, Frequency Multipliers, Modems, Cellular Telecommunications, Industry / Science / Medical (ISM), wireless Utility Meters, Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS), CDMA, GSM and many more. Custom designs are our specialty.

Modco is a vertically integrated manufacturer. Our production and product development capabilities include; MultiTroniks Intelliplacer 10 SMT Placement system will support high volume, low cost production. SMT components ranging from 0201 to QFP304 can be placed with extreme accuracy, speed and repeatability. Agilent E5052B Signal Source Analyzer provide latest analytical capabilities. LPKF Protomat C60 circuit board plotter and MiniContac-RS Plating System allow quick turn prototype PCB fabrication.

Automated High Speed Assembly

Reflow Oven

Automated Final Testing

VCO's after reflow and ready for final test